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Essential Elements of Aging in Place Bathroom Design

More seniors are choosing to age in place than ever before to maintain their independence. According to a study from the AARP, approximately 90 percent of adults over the age of 65 say they prefer to age in place.

If you or a loved one plan to age in place, there are some important design modifications to keep in mind.

Read on to discover some of the most essential elements of aging in place bathroom design to keep you safe as you get older.

Start with the Doors

As people age, they face several mobility changes that may make it more difficult to navigate the home safely. When you begin your bathroom remodeling job, start by considering the size and functionality of the doors.

Most bathroom doors are around 28 inches wide, which isn’t wide enough for a standard walker or wheelchair to get through comfortably. Consider installing a larger, wider door of around 32 inches wide to around 36 inches wide to help make entering and exiting the bathroom easier.

In addition to the door itself, switch out traditional round knob handles for lever-style handles. These handles are much more ergonomically sound and easier to operate. Installing a large pocket door is another great way to make accessibility to the bathroom easier for your aging in place bathroom design.

If you need to use a wheelchair, it’s also important to ensure that your bathroom is an adequate size. Ideally, the room should allow for at least five square feet of open space so you’re able to turn the wheelchair around comfortably.

Aging in Place Bathroom Design: Install Grab Bars

Since the bathroom is a place where slips and falls are common, stability and safety should always be top of mind. Installing durable grab bars in various places reduces the risk of serious injury.

A quality grab bar (or two) should be installed on the tub or shower walls to help make it easier to stand up. They also help with entering or exiting the bathtub or shower. These grab bars provide added stability to help seniors bathe and shower independently.

Install another grab bar near the toilet area to help with stability in that part of the bathroom. When you install these components, it’s important to make sure that they’re attached to the wall securely. Look for an experienced, professional company that specializes in this type of bathroom remodeling to ensure it’s done right.

Grab bars should be attached to blocking behind the walls to keep them secure and in place. Consider adding this important component during the initial bathroom remodeling process rather than later on, so you don’t have to damage your walls in the future.

Try Detachable Faucets

Installing detachable faucets in the bathroom makes everyday tasks easier. These faucets feature a pull-out sprayer or faucet head for easy reach and quicker cleaning.

Faucets that don’t require knobs and handles are also a useful upgrade. This faucet design incorporates a built-in mechanism that turns the water off and on with just a simple touch. It eliminates the need to twist and turn handles, making it much easier to use.

Add a detachable showerhead in the shower area for a much easier way to get clean. This design is extremely versatile, functional, and stylish while adding another layer of safety to your aging in place bathroom design. Try a shower fixture with adjustable settings that go from hard massaging flows to gentle mists for even more functionality.

Add Shower Seating

A durable shower seat can help make bathing safer. These seats not only make it easier to sit down while you get clean, but they also enhance the look of your bathroom.

Choose a new shower or tub with non-slip flooring to help prevent accidents. The combination of this flooring and a sturdy yet comfortable shower seat allows you or a loved one to bathe independently.

You may opt for a removable shower seat for more flexibility. However, a built-in shower seat presents the need to constantly lift and move the seat in and out of the shower area.

Consider Walk-in Tubs or Showers

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, one of the best aging in place tips is to install a walk-in tub or shower. This helps you to easily get in and out of the tub (or shower) without having to climb over a ledge or lip.

A walk-in tub provides a spa-like experience while also helping to prevent slips and falls. If you prefer a shower, a walk-in shower doesn’t include a ledge, so there’s no need to climb over anything whenever you go in and out.

For a walk-in tub, install a detachable showerhead with a retractable sprayer so you can switch between baths and showers as you choose. Walk-in tubs aren’t just safer, they also provide a wide range of other benefits.

Choose a tub with powerful hydrotherapy jets for a nice, soothing massage that promotes healthy circulation and muscle relaxation. Some research has shown that this type of therapy may also help with other ailments like joint pain and arthritis.

Install Taller Toilets

Comfort height or chair-height toilets are taller than traditional toilets. This makes sitting down and standing up much easier, especially for those with mobility challenges.

These toilets are easier on the knees and back, and most are available at ADA height. Pair this with a grab bar to ensure total safety whenever you need to use the restroom.

Before you choose this specific type of toilet, try out several different models. Depending on your height and body type, they’re not a one-size-fits-all solution for everyone.

Update Your Bathroom Today

Keep these essentials in mind for your aging in place bathroom design. From grab bars and detachable faucets to walk-in tubs and showers, all of these upgrades will help to keep you or an aging loved one safe and independent for years to come.

When you’re ready to remodel your bathroom, Caliber Home Solutions is here to help, so be sure to contact us today to find out more.

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